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Emily Beagle, a 2004 graduate of Gorham High School, has been hired to run a farm that is being developed on New Portland Road. Growing up in White Rock, Beagle is the daughter of Linda and Alan Beagle. She brings with her a vast amount of experience that will be helpful in developing a new farm.

When Beagle decided to become a farmer, she served an eight-month internship, learning everything about farming from seed to harvest. After that she, her sister Elizabeth, and two friends won a large grant that allowed them to farm six acres in Oahu, Hawaii. There they raised a variety of vegetables and fruit trees. In addition to being a farmer, Beagle and her sister ran a bakery in California.

Photo credit Patrick O’Shea
Emily Beagle stands in front of the farmland that she has been hired to manage.

Shawn and Christina Moody, who purchased the property, remember growing up in Gorham when Hawkes Farm, Wagner Farm, and Chapman Farm were active producing food for the community. Moody said that by selling vegetables and cut flowers, he sees Chappies’ Farm acknowledging two former Gorham businesses, Hawkes Farmstead and Barrow’s Greenhouses.

Beagle plans to create an inclusive environment at the farm and wants to collaborate with the community. The hope is to employ people who want to learn about farming, and perhaps serve as interns. She also envisions the farm as a place to volunteer or do community service projects. School groups will be welcome and workshops to engage children and the community will be developed.

Planting is underway and a farm stand will be constructed in the near future. There will be ample parking on site for customers and school buses. The Moodys and Beagle would like to see the 21 acre farm evolve over time. Because of Beagle’s extensive background with farming and baking, perhaps there will be a baked goods or brown bag lunches available.

Being a farmer requires a strong work ethic and putting in long hours. These skills are valued by the Moodys and they hope Beagle’s pride in her work will be a role model for others. Beagle would like community members to know they are welcome to drop in and see what is happening.

If you would like more information about the farm, contact Beagle at