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Full Name: Mark C. Faulkner

Address: 5 Shaws Mill Road

Further information was not provided to the Gorham Times.


Full Name: Suzanne E. Phillips

Address: 108 Harding Bridge Rd

Education: Gorham High School; Gordon College; B.A. in Art Education from USM; SMCC Early Childhood

Personal: Married

Employment: Nanny, Art Teacher at Westbrook Community Center, Photographer

Political and community experience: School Committee 1 term, Finance and Personnel; Town Council 1 term, Policy and Personnel; Public Safety Building Committee, High School Building Committee, Little Falls Rec Area Master Plan Committee, Gorham Historical Society President, YoungLife Board Member, Gorham Taste Walk Coordinator, and Gorham Founders Festival Committee

What do you see as the major issues for our community and how do you plan to address these issues?

Our community faces two key issues: Residential growth and capital projects for the Town and School. Planning for residential growth and capital projects should be the primary topic in this election. Bringing the Town Council and School Board together, to create a comprehensive Capital Plan, will be an area I advocate for in this three-year term. Serving on both the Town Council and School Committee has given me the opportunity to see where the needs of Gorham reside, and the perspective of how a growing community can weigh on the limited resources of a town. Our community has come together and grown stronger over the years, and as we continue to grow, let’s strive to continue to plan and build a strong and vibrant Gorham together.


Full Name: Lee R. Pratt

Address: 16 Elliott Rd

Education: Husson College (Now University), B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in finance

Personal: I have lived in Gorham my entire life. My wife Nicole and I are raising two children who are students in the Gorham School system. I think Gorham is the greatest town in the state and with some small changes we can continue to preserve our way of life and keep our tax base stable.

Employment: CFO of ODAT Machine Inc. in the Gorham Industrial Park

Political and community experience: Current member of the Gorham Planning Board overseeing the town’s current building projects. I am also on the Planning Board ordinance committee overseeing and recommending changes to the Town Council regarding ordinances and land uses.

What do you see as the major issues for our community and how do you plan to address these issues?

1) We need to grow smart. This is not to say we need to stop growing, but we need to look at our town as whole and decided what our priorities are. Take Portland as an example. They have grown to a point of having no remaining land and now people barely can afford to live there. We need to look at our current land uses and stop putting as many housing units possible in small densely populated area. We are overcrowding our current infrastructure. Increases to house lot square footage is a way to allow growth but control the amount of structures. If we can stabilize growth, small changes to the school system and infrastructure will be effective instead of major expenditures.

2) Gorham needs to attract and retain more business. Businesses use minimal town resources, help stabilize tax rates and provide jobs to residents. We have seen a slight increase in business but more needs to be done to attract new businesses in town. Making our town more business friendly through TIFs or having the economic development committee assist with financing is a good start to increasing business. It will not be fast revenue but will be long term value for the town.


Full Name: Ronald W. Shepard

Address: 6 Field Crest Drive

Education: Graduate of Gorham High School; Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, S.M.C.C.; Bachelors Degree in Vocational Technology, U.S.M.; Graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, Quantico, VA

Personal: Married with three children

Employment: Retired from Gorham Police Department 2014; currently employed part-time at Cabela’s

Political and community experience: Currently serving on the Town Council, Member of the Gorham Historical Society, Lifetime member of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and former member of the Gorham Fire Department

What do you see as the major issues for our community and how do you plan to address these issues?

1) Gorham High School renovation: The School Department is currently exploring the need to renovate the current high school to meet the expected increase in student population. The full cost of the renovation will be on the local taxpayer, with no funding from the State of Maine. This fact will have to be kept in mind as the Town Council, building committee, staff and other involved persons meet to discuss and plan for the true needs of this project.

2) Work to increase the diversity of the tax base: By increasing the commercial and industrial base within Gorham, we are able to move some of the tax burden away from the homeowner. Businesses have less of an impact on the need for services than residential development does. We must ensure that the procedures that are currently in place are not a hindrance to attracting viable businesses into Gorham.

3) Senior Tax Assistance Program: The Council and staff are currently working to implement a tax relief program for Seniors. This program would be similar to those that are currently being used in the towns of Scarborough and Cumberland. Rising taxes are a primary concern for many Seniors and this program would be very beneficial.

Meet the Candidates October 24, 25 & 26

Tuesday, October 24, GOCAT Studio, Gorham Municipal Center, 7 p.m., Town Council candidates will have an opportunity to share their positions on issues as well as take part in a moderated Q & A session. Seating space is limited to 25. Please contact GOCAT at 222-1641 or to reserve a spot.

Wednesday, October 25, Council Chambers, Gorham Municipal Center, 6:30/7:15 p.m., School Committee candidates will respond to questions from a moderator. (1-year term candidates at 6:30 p.m. and 3-year term candidates at 7:15 p.m.).

Thursday, October 26, North Gorham Public Library, 2 Standish Neck Rd., 7 p.m., Town Council and School Committee candidates.

For more information, please call GOCAT at 222-1641 or North Gorham Public Library at 892-2575.