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Councilor Phillips thanked Public Works and Public Safety for their efforts keeping Gorham safe during the past few weeks of inclement weather.

Councilor Stelk thanked Ginny Cross and Bruce Roullard for their hard work in planning the Gorham New Year’s Eve Celebration. She also thanked all of the people that came out to celebrate and wanted to remind everyone to check out the ice sculptures that are on display at the Library.

Town Manger, Ephrem Paraschak, thanked Public Works and other departments for their hard efforts in keeping the roads clear and buses and buildings warm and safe in the recent cold weather. Paraschak stated that there will be a joint meeting with the Town Council and School Committee on January 17 to discuss the progress on the High School building plans and also a Town Council workshop on January 22 to go over Council goals and any legal issues.

The Town Council (TC) amended the Land Use & Development Code to add a waiver provision for the extension of sidewalks in the Urban Residential District. Read the full amendment online at

The TC accepted a Property Tax Assistance Ordinance for the Town of Gorham. The purpose being to establish a program to provide property tax assistance to persons 65 years of age and over. Under this program, the Town of Gorham will provide refund payments to those individuals who maintain a homestead in the Town of Gorham and meet the criteria established in the full ordinance. (5 yeas, 2 nays: Phillips, Smith) Read the full ordinance at

A renewal liquor license was approved for Gorham House of Pizza, LLC, located at 2 State Street.

The TC approved a new liquor license and Special Amusement License for Sebago Brewing Company, located at 616 Main Street.

A proposal to amend the Land Use & Development Code to allow businesses to utilize sandwich board signs was forwarded to the Planning Board for a Public Hearing and their recommendation. Read the full sign proposal at

The Public Works Department was authorized to perform winter maintenance on the Huston Road Extension public sidewalk between Sebago Lake Road (Route 237) and Gray Road (Route 202). (6 yeas, 1 nay: Smith)

Amendments to the following policies were approved: Animals in the Library Policy,

Bulletin Board & Handout Policy, Display Policy, Internet Use Policy, Library Card & Borrowing Rules Policy, Meeting Room Policy, and the Wireless Access Policy.

The TC approved sending the Victualer’s Ordinance and Special Amusement Ordinances to the Ordinance Committee for their review and updates. Staff was asked to create a list of all other ordinances that need to be reviewed.

Complete minutes are available on the town’s website at